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National Assembled, Eke
National Assembled, Eke



British National Bee Hive, 45mm Eke.
These are a versatile piece of equipment with different uses.
Place on or between brood boxes when applying Apiguard varroa treatment
Place under a clearer board to make clearing easier.
Use as a feeder eke when feeding Fondabee packs.
The entrance can be used when making splits or divides
Use it to carry out a Bailey frame change or comb replacement
All woodwork is knot free untreated 19mm timber.
Click on Instructions for details about wood treatment. A natural weather proofing of Linseed Oil & Beeswax is recommended to keep hives dry.

Wood Treatment
As long as a bee hive provides insulation - keeping the heat in and the wind and wet out - it does not matter much to the bees what material is used in its construction.
Light weight timber is preferable because it has lower thermal conductivity providing better insulation for the bees.
We do not use any chemical preservatives or fungicides on our hives. In any case, timber needs to be pressure treated with these chemicals for them to be effective and this type of treated wood should not be used for bee hives.
Tthe exterior surfaces of all wooden bee hives must be protected from the wet otherwise the bees must use their energy to dry it out which is a severe disadvantage to the bees.
Linseed oil has long been the natural, traditional choice for weather proofing wood and of course, it was the constituent of all paints until it was replaced by modern synthetics. Beeswax too, either by itself or mixed with linseed oil provides a good water proof coating and both are natural and non toxic. Do not use boiled linseed oil, this is not boiled as the name implies but has chemicals added to it to speed drying to imitate a boiling process.

Our traditional Raw Linseed Oil & Beeswax formula can be used straight from the jar but the first application will penetrate easier and further into new wood if it is warmed gently until liquid
Linseed oil penetrates the pores of the wood instead of forming a hard layer on top of it like paint so use a paint brush to work well into all the exterior surfaces, joints and cracks. The first application is the most important and is sufficient but two or more thin applications are better than one. Linseed oil cures in sunlight so it can take days to become fully dry so allow a day or two between applications. When finished, water should be repelled and bead off the surface of the wood. A further application is indicated if or when it does not. Hives should have an annual clean up and maintenance when another application can be given.
Brushes can be cleaned with hot water and detergent.
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